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A province-wide service including crop management tips, herbicide recommendations and pest alerts produced twice a week in season available as a toll-free phone service or podcast

The complete online archive of all past copies of the quarterly publication prepared by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) crop agronomy team.

Crop Advances
Summary reports of many of the projects which the Field Crop team and staff from the Agriculture Development Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(OMAFRA) have been involved with over the past few years in partnership with commodity groups, industry, and the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA).
A collection of online variety trials and head-to-head comparisons
A focus on emerging technologies and updating corn growers on the latest results from corn agronomy research
Evaluations of the Ontario Forage Crops Committee (OFCC) of the performance of experimental varieties of forages under Ontario conditions
Soybean and canola variety trials tested for performance under Ontario growing conditions

Ontario Weeds
Online tools to make informed risk-reducing weed control decisions

Web-based software with the most up-to-date pest control information for every pest and crop in Canada.  Special savings for OSCIA members.

Tillage Ontario
A variety of resources to assist you in selecting tillage options for your operation

WeedPro 75
An online herbicide selection tool that focuses on profitability and environmental stewardship

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